Regulations MOF 23

General information

The Clube de Montanha do Funchal will organize the MOF 2023, on the 13th, 14th and 15th of January 2023, within the scope of the activities of the Orienteering Association of the Autonomous Region of Madeira (AORAM) and the Portuguese Orienteering Federation (FPO). There will be courses open to all those interested in starting the sport or leisure, the Easy Short and Easy Long courses.


The Madeira Orienteering Festival consists of two stages to be held in a forest area, eligible for the FPO Madeira Pedestrian Cup 2023, and a stage to be held in an urban area, eligible for the regional championship in urban Orienteering of the Orienteering Association of RAM.

Age Ranks:

The following age ranks will be used:
Age at the end of 2023

  • H/D 10 (Schools) athletes who are up to 10 years old at the end of 2023 (born in 2013 or later)
  • H/D 12 (Children) athletes who are up to 12 years old at the end of 2023 (born in 2012 or 2011)
  • H/D 14 (Beginners) athletes who are up to 14 years old at the end of 2023 (born in 2010 or 2009)
  • H/D 16 (Youth) athletes aged up to 16 at the end of 2023 (born in 2008 or 2007)
  • H/D 18 (Juniors) athletes who are up to 18 years old at the end of 2023 (born in 2006 or 2005)
  • H/D 21B (Senior B) athletes who are at least 18 years old at the end of 2023 (born 2005 or earlier)
  • H/D E (Senior Elite) athletes who are at least 19 years old at the end of 2023 (born in 2004 or earlier)
  • H/D 35 (Veterans 1) athletes who are at least 35 years old at the end of 2023 (born 1988 or earlier)
  • H/D 45 (Veterans 2) athletes who are at least 45 years old at the end of 2023 (born 1978 or earlier)
  • H/D 55 (Veterans 3) athletes who are at least 55 years old at the end of 2023 (born 1968 or earlier)
  • H/D 65 (Veterans 4) athletes who are at least 65 years old at the end of 2023 (born 1958 or earlier)
  • H/D 70 (Veterans 5) athletes who are at least 70 years old at the end of 2023 (born 1953 or earlier)

In addition to these levels, there will also be open levels:
Open Easy: Any age, gender, individually or in a group. Distance between 1.5 to 2.5 km or expected execution time of less than 40 minutes, using linear elements (preferably paths), without technical difficulty, with reduced physical demand, with the greatest possible landscape interest, and technical advice;
Medium open: Any age, gender, individually or in a group. Distance between 2 and 4 km or expected execution time of less than 60 minutes, using linear elements, with low technical difficulty, low physical demand, and the greatest possible landscape interest.
Note: H – Male; D – Female.

The participation of children under 10 years old in the open classes is only allowed when accompanied by an adult.
The registration of minors in open classes, unaccompanied by an adult, is only allowed with the due written authorization of the guardian.


Deadline for online registration: January 9, 2023 until midnight. Beyond this date, the organization may not accept any more registrations.

Entries in the competition levels must be formalized in the ORIOASIS system. In case of difficulty, interested parties should contact the organization via email: , sending the following data by email (all are required):

  • Full name;
  • Birth date;
    – BI number or C.C., or FPO No. if federated;
    – Club/Entity/Individual;
    – Si-card number (on open routes, if you do not have a Si-card, the organization will provide one for use during the race);
    – Mobile contact number;
    – Level of participation (route);
    – Stages in which it participates (E1, E2, E3).

Any registration in a competition category accepted by the organization beyond the date indicated in the previous paragraph implies the payment of an additional fee of €5.

Entries in the open classes do not suffer aggravations and can be made until the day of the race, at the secretariat, but conditioned to the number of maps available and up to 30 minutes before the scheduled start of the race.

All entries made and not changed by January 2, 2023 will be counted for payment purposes.

Subscription fees:
The amount of the application fee is determined by stage of competition.

Federated young people <20 years old – 2€
*Open Tiers – 2€

Federated Adults – 3€
*Open Classes – 3€

Non-federated youths <20 years old – €3 (Competition rank)
*Open Tiers – 3€

Non-federated Adults – €6 – (Competition rank)
*Open Classes – 4€

In the open categories, the rental of the timing chip per participant/team is included.

Timing System:

The SportIdent electronic system will be used. Athletes can use their own SI-Card (they will have to indicate the number when registering) or rent one from the organization. The points must be controlled in the sequential order that was defined by the organization, waiting about 1 second until you hear a beep and/or a light signal. In case of failure of the SportIdent system, one of the reserve squares on the map must be perforated.

Other informations:

– The areas on the maps of Ponta de São Lourenço and Bairro da Nazaré are prohibited from training/scouting until the start of the competition. Athletes identified in the areas will not be classified.
– First aid will be available on arrivals;
– Collection of maps at the arrivals until the departure of the last athlete;
– Parking at the places of concentration;
– Collection of keys and luggage at the Secretariat;
– Drinking water on arrivals.
– Attention, the use of the bib is mandatory! Pectorals should be placed forward.
– All bibs delivered to non-federated participants, as well as rented SI Cards, must be returned to the Organization at the end of the races.
– Insurance – Civil Liability and Personal Accidents (extra €45)

FPO policies: Athletes who are not resident in Portugal are not covered by race insurance must secure their own insurance.

Rules of Competition

Provisional results will be posted in the arrivals area. The official results will be available on the event’s website.
The final classification of MOF2023 will be determined by the sum of the points obtained in the three stages.
H/D 10 and 12 will not have ranking rewards, all will be called to receive a souvenir. Trophies for the top 3 of each age ranks.

General informations about the sport


Matches have a 3-minute break in competition tiers. Athletes should pay attention to their starting time. At the start, athletes have to go through three consecutive sections.

When the start clock indicates the athlete’s departure time, he must enter the first section. This will take place 3 minutes before the actual match. There, the name and bib of the athlete will be confirmed (the bib must be worn in front and cannot be folded or hidden). The absence of a bib will prevent the athlete from starting.

In the second section, the athlete collects the signs, which contain the description of the location of the checkpoints (it is recommended to use signage supports to facilitate their reading during the race). Signs will also be printed on the map.

In the third (last) section, the athlete moves to the box that contains the map of his age group and waits next to it until the departure time, without seeing the map. At the time of departure, the athlete takes the map out of the box (each athlete is responsible for taking the map and confirming that it corresponds to his/her age group) and follows the ribbons that mark the route to the starting triangle (indicated on the ground by a goal with no chipper and on the map by a triangle).

Athletes who arrive late for the match will be immediately identified and will leave as soon as the organization indicates. These will not receive a new departure time.

The route is marked from the starting line (reception of the map and start of the race) to the triangle marked on the map and materialized on the ground by a beacon without code or control station. Athletes must progress at a maximum distance of 10 m from the goal, under penalty of disqualification.


All athletes must cross the finish line controlling the Finish station. Upon arrival, they must download the chip (SI-Card), even those who do not complete the entire route. If this does not happen, they may be considered lost and trigger a search operation.

Asistance in case of Acident:

All athletes in the race are obliged to help other athletes in case of an accident. Any accident that occurs during the execution of the route is the responsibility of the practitioners, in everything that exceeds the risk covered by the Sports Insurance. This insurance covers the risks resulting from an accident suffered during the activity, under the conditions set out in the FPO Competition Regulations.

Other General Rules

  1. The only permitted aid for orientation is the compass.
  2. Participants who report to the match. after their departure time, they must leave after the indication of the organization, subject to the penalty of the time that, however, elapsed.
  3. Among others, the obligations of practitioners are:
    1. Show up for the match with the bib properly placed and visible and keep it during the race;
    2. Show up at the Match with the SI Card duly placed and visible, and facilitate its verification by the organization;
    3. Notify the Organization team if you do not complete the route;
    4. Assist any practitioner in the event of an accident, as long as the circumstances justify it;
    5. Respect all marked areas; private and cultivated
    6. Deliver the map upon arrival, when determined by the Organization;
    7. Attend the Awards Ceremony, especially when you are one of the winners, valuing the work of the organizers and the support provided;
  4. It constitutes grounds for disqualification of any practitioner:
    1. The non-execution of the route in the order established by the Organization;
    2. Loss of SI-Card;
    3. Unexcused absence of the bib during the course;
    4. Arriving beyond the time limit for the execution of the test;
    5. Cause damage to private or cultivated areas;
    6. Disrespect the general forest protection rules;
    7. Infringe other rules established by the Organization.
  5. The time limit given to an athlete to run his individual route is: Average distance: 2h00.