Stages MOF 2023

Stage 1

Map revised November 2022 scale 1/4.000 Equid 2.5m (ISSprOM2019-2) cartography de Tiago Aires


13 Janeiro

Bairro da Nazaré

Bairro da Nazaré day1 MOF 2023

Courses:Age ranksDistance *PointsElevation +Scale
1HE / H35350022601/4.000
2DE / D35 / H45290017501/4.000
3H18 / D45 / H55 / H21B230018501/4.000
4D16 / D18 / D55 / D21B / H16200014451/4.000
5D14 / H14 / Aberto Médio140019451/3.000
6D12 / H12 / Aberto Fácil100015301/3.000
7D10 / H1075014251/3.000
8D65 / D75 / H65 / H75170015451/3.000
*real distance of the shortest option ; Note: Starts 100m

Stage 2

New cartography December 2022 scale 1/7.500 Equid 5m (ISOM 2017-2)


14 janeiro

Ponta de São Lourenço

Ponta de São Lourenço day2 MOF 2023

Courses:Age ranks:Distance *PointsElevation +Scale
1HE / H354200213051/7.500
2DE / D35 / H453700182701/7.500
3H18 / D45 / H55 / H21B3100132251/7.500
4D16 / D18 / D55 / D21B / H162600131351/7.500
5D14 / H14 / Aberto Médio230013701/7.500
6D12 / H12 / Aberto Fácil180016451/7.500
7D10 / H10170016201/7.500
8D65 / D75 / H65 / H752400131301/7.500
Note: Start at 1200m

Stage 3

Map revised December 2022 scale 1/4.000 Equid 5m (ISSprOM2019-2) cartography of Tiago Aires


15 de Janeiro Palheiro Golf

Palheiro Golf day3 MOF 2023

Course:Age Rank:Distance*PointsElevation +Sccale
1HE / H355900332201/4.000
2DE / D35 / H455000292051/4.000
3H18 / D45 / H55 / H21B4400291751/4.000
4D16 / D18 / D55 / D21B / H163200231351/4.000
5D14 / H14 / Aberto Médio2500251101/4.000
6D12 / H12 / Aberto Fácil170024501/3.000
7D10 / H10110016351/3.000
8D65 / D75 / H65 / H753000221251/4.000
*real distance of the shortest option; Note: Starts at 400m of parking ; arrivals at 300m of prize giving place and 1000m of parking ; parking is mandatory to be at the following coordenates: 32.651801, -16.863164

a) The last stage of the MOF will take place on the grounds of the Palheiro Golf courses. We ask the utmost attention to ensure that participants never cross any golf course. In addition to the safety of athletes, it is in everyone’s interest to continue to organize events in this magnificent space. We also ask you not to make any noise when golfers are preparing to hit the ball.
b) Departures are next to the Palheiro Golf tea house, where there are toilets, a picnic area and a café. Departures take place 400m from the parking lot. Arrivals will be 300m from the prize-giving venue: Palheiro Nature Estate, where we will have a terrace, café, restaurant and bathroom. The return to the parking lot takes approximately 1000m. All journeys between these locations must be made along the marked paths, without ever crossing any golf course.
c) Access to the parking lot must be on the side of the Cancela industrial zone, following the signs from the Cancela roundabout. Parking entrance coordinates: 32.651801, -16.863164