Madeira Orienteering Festival

10, 11, 12TH JANUARY MOF 2025

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MOF 2024

MOF 2025

10 january
Sprint distance (golf course night) Palheiro Golf 18h30
Map 1/4000 and 1/3000 eq.5m produced December 2021 updated in October 2023
by Tiago Aires (ISSproM2019-2)
Scoring event for Portugal Sprint Cup
NOTE: all golf courses (including greens) will be used without limitations

11 january

Forest Middle distance – Poiso 10h
Map 1/10,000 and 1/7500 eq.5m produced in September 2023 Tiago Aires (ISOM2017-2)
Scoring event for Portuguese Cup


Sprint Distance Camacha 15h
Scoring event for World Ranking (WRE)

12 january
Forest Middle distance – Ponta de São Lourenço East 10h
Map 1/10,000 and 1/7500 eq.5m produced in April 2023 Tiago Aires (ISOM2017-2)
Scoring event for World Ranking (WRE), Portuguese Cup

Program’ 25

6 january
Registrations closing

10 january
17:00 – Secretariat opening (Palheiro Golf)
18:30 – Start of the Sprint Distance race (golf course night)
Head Torch will be required

11 january
8.30am – Secretariat opening (Poiso)
10:00 – Start of the Forest Middle Distance race

12 january
8:30am – Secretariat opening (Quinta do Lorde)
10:00 – Start of the Forest Middle Distance race

13h – Prize giving (Machico)

The MOF, one of the CMoF’s tests of excellence, has as it’s main objective to take the name of Madeira across borders through Orienteering as a promotion vehicle. If we consider that many of the athletes who visit us come from regions where this modality is in a more evolved state, it is CMoF’s obligation to strive for excellence in this event. With this effort, we are contributing to the evolution of Orienteering in Madeira in its various technical and organizational aspects.

For all this, and because Madeiran athletes are in the first place, we expect a massive participation both from Madeiran athletes and from those who are not federated yet who practice orienteering in a more playful and accessible way or even for those who intend to try this modality that has so much to offer. interesting and challenging.


Within the scope of the sports cooperation partnership established between the Clube de Montanha do Funchal and the Palheiro Nature Estate, it is informed that the athletes who will participate in MOF2023 and who travel by car or plane will have the possibility to contribute to a ecological cause supported by the Palheiro Nature Estate.

Thus, each athlete who wants to be part of this contribution will be able to calculate their ecological footprint, through the free use of the APP, Greener Act, and, later, “offset” this footprint, through participation in sustainable activities, namely the one chosen by Palheiro. Nature Estate: contribution to the reforestation of the Ecological Park of Funchal through the planting of trees.

With this initiative, Palheiro Nature Estate, as a local organization in partnership with Clube Montanha do Funchal, is creating, measuring and providing more sustainable, conscientious and purposeful experiences, and all traveling athletes, by showing interest, participating and contributing, actively demonstrate the its commitment to community interaction and ecological protection, which is a common concern for all orienteering athletes and transversal to the practice of outdoor sports.

More info about GreenerAct here

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